Leadership is

As of late we have been hearing a lot about corrupt leadership.  We have seen leaders misuse resources, sexually harrass subordinates and fall to some other form of disgrace.  Some of the leaders are perhaps corrupt.  Some of them are driven by the will to get away with unethical behavior while others have made mistakes that are understandable but nevertheless wrong and as a result must be considered along with any other leader who “falls.”

But, I want to talk about another form of leadership that doesn’t often get called out, recognized or noticed.  However, it is just as dangerous and lethal to the infrastructure of any organiation, team, or church.

Here is my list of potentially dangerous signs of leadership that is corrupt.

1. An environment of censureship.  This is to say an environment where dissenting opinions are not appropriately channeled, considered or engaged.

2. An enviornment of fear. People can be intimidated and afraid as opposed to empowered and inspired..

3. Lack of Diversity.  If there is a lack of diversity in thinkers, thoughts, gender, race and even cultural backgrounds sometimes the team will be more challenged than successful.  This lack of diversity often yields to a concept of insiders and outsiders.

4. Unity of the organization is faulty.  Leaders and pastors must always be committed to unity.  To be committed to unity you always have to work for it.

5. Too personally engaged.  Leaders must know that leadership is not about them.  It is about the advancement of the mission.  If leaders take everything personally, are threatened by skilled and talented folk and are driven by a need to be glorified certain doom is assured.

The scary thing is that I am vulnerable to all of these possibilties and traits.  The constant prayer is, “Create in me a clean heart, that I may be used by thee.”

So, with that said, I ask your prayers that I remain humbled and not seduced  by the sweet temptation to be adored, great, popular and adored.  I want to be like Jesus, in my heart!


~ by bkevinsmalls on August 10, 2012.

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