My non-negotiables


Several years ago, I accompanied my son to his new high school’s orientation and the principal began his speech with what he called non-negotiables.  One was, fighting.  The other was cheating and I don’t remember the rest of them.  I kind of like that concept.  I’ve been comforted lately by listing what my non-negotiables are as a leader and a pastor.  Here they are.

1. From time to time I would hear that “we are not being heard.”  I will listen to anyone but I will not accommodate negative, disruptive and problematic attitudes. There is a difference.

2. I will not make room for prejudice, judgementalism and religious elitism.  

3. I will not apologize for aggressively reaching those seeking shelter from the cold walk without God.  They are the priority for all of US.

4. I will not allow abuse to me or my family.  I will confront you.  

5. I will not make room for insanity to flourish in the life of the church.  This insanity includes ignorance around what the church is, its mission, and its mandate, which is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Anything outside of that is not in my job description.

6. I will not place church or community culture OVER Kingdom principals.

7. EVERYBODY deserves to be loved.  

8. I will not do ministry apologetically.  In fact, if someone isn’t offended (challenged) from time to time about what I’m doing I’ll consider myself ineffective.  Challenge is where the growth happens.

9. I will not sink to anyone’s expectations of what persons want me to be and I will not fight sheep with the excepetion to number 4.  : )

10. I will not be held hostage by a particular tradition, preference, or demand if it stands in the way of healthy community and making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

Come now, let us be on our way.  Translation: Let’s get with it!


~ by bkevinsmalls on October 6, 2013.

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